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August 31, 2016



(Awkward uncomfortable silence and shuffling of feet)

If you’ve been journeying with me for a while, you know that I’ve been on a health/fitness quest.  I lost 70 pounds (WOO HOO!)…and I’ve gained back 53 of them…

(Pauses for a moment of silence for the loss of my loss…)

OK, yes, there is some shame, some sadness, some depression associate...

October 5, 2012

Have you ever just reached a point with something where you decide you’ve had enough?  You just don’t feel like fighting or struggling anymore?  You are just *so* completely tired and worn with the effort and exertion of trying to achieve something that you decide you’re done?

That’s where I am at the moment.

Disclaimer: To all of my arm-chair p...

May 22, 2011

Lesson of the week: There is nothing in the world that can teach you patience like a trip to a hospital.  I know that when you read the title of this post you think I’ve been diagnosed with some strange new disease.  Not the case at all.

On Thursday morning I found myself experiencing some odd health-related things.  It began with the weirdest...

May 9, 2011

There is nothing in the world like a loss of your technological capabilities to make you realize that you are completely addicted to it.  Not just addicted—down and dirty, dude can you get a hit, would sell your grandmother to get it back addicted.  That’s right.  For me technology is crack.  Not nice clean, high-brow cocaine.  Disgusting, street-w...

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