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November 4, 2012

You know what’s great about me?  I’m kind, considerate, patient…one of those people that will be there for you no matter what until the bitter end.  (Oh, and I’m humble too.)  You know what sucks about me?  I’m OVERLY kind, considerate of OTHERS BEFORE MYSELF, patient TO A FAULT and will be there until things get BITTER and END.


October 26, 2012

I’ve been having the most entertaining conversation with a group of friends over the subject of Man Laws, and like most entertaining conversations, it got me thinking and writing.

I should put a big old disclaimer here in the beginning:

The following Conversation speaks in VERY broad generalizations.  It may be construed as offensive to women, sexist...

September 26, 2012

It has come to my attention that I have a whole new avenue of potential readers these days, simply because our friend Mr. Mystery Man  (who remarkably hasn't run screaming from my insanity yet) actually takes an interest in this little corner of cyberspace, and apparently is sharing with others…


Hello FOMMMs!!!  (Friends of Mr. Mystery Man...

September 16, 2012

I should probably start with a disclaimer that I am truly biased because I have the best Daddy ever made—EVER.  No, no, I understand that some of you may THINK that your own Daddy is the bestest, but I’m sorry to tell you he’s not because mine is. 

Now that we have that out of the way…

My friends know that I have practically placed my father on...

September 14, 2012

Are you happy now Kat?  Really?  You are an I-D-I-O-T, but apparently I succumb to whatever makes you smile, so maybe I’m the one with issues.

OK people, nothing to see here.  That was not the original title of this post, but a certain publicity slut wanted desperately for me to write a post with that title, so there you have it.  Interestingly...

January 22, 2012

I am on a writing roll at the moment!  The down side is I haven’t slept in a few days because I’m busy with a couple of new novels, but that is the price I pay for fame!  Wait…I’m not famous.  Crap!  What am I doing this for?  Oh, right…to silence the myriad of voices in my head.

And already I’ve digressed from what I planned to...

October 13, 2011

Life is full of decisions.  We make a million of them every day, most of which seem to have no significant impact on our worlds.  The obvious big decisions we struggle with—do we have a baby?  Should I buy a house?  Should I quit my job?  But the smaller decisions can actually have a larger impact on our lives that we don’t even realize at the time...

June 24, 2011

Many moons ago I routinely was a recipient of acupuncture.  I know, I know…some of you have just gasped in horror and asked Why???  Why would someone voluntarily let someone stick needles all over their body.  Well the truth of the matter is it’s not actually painful…for the most part.  But I’ve digressed from my point already.  My acupuncturist wa...

February 15, 2011

Did you know there are very lengthy and complex rules for dating and love? 

Me neither.

Yet we hear about them all the time.  How soon after a first date can you call?  Is texting appropriate in lieu of a call?  Does it carry a different set of time limits?  When do you have “The Ex” conversation?  Who should pay for a date?  Is it true that the pers...

June 25, 2010

There are days I think I am becoming an expert on First Dates.  Then there are days I think I will never get used to them.  Today is somewhere in between the two.  I am a member of several on-line dating websites—let’s be honest, without them I’d never have First Dates, or any dates, because my social life is work-school-home, and I think my mail m...

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