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The Power of the Hug

Have you ever had a truly phenomenal Hug? I mean the kind of Hug where you feel safe, cared about and just knew that the world was going to be ok? I think we all experienced that—or at least I *hope* we all did—as children. Finding it as an adult I think is a rare thing.

I have a cousin who is the World’s Best Hugger. Amazingly enough, his wife is a fantastic hugger too. I wonder if that’s what drew them together…but I digress (as usual). He has this ability through a few moments of contact to just make a person feel like the world isn’t such a scary place, and in the end everything is going to work out fine. At first I thought it was just that he’s pretty much always been my favorite. However, recently in talking to a few other people who know him I’ve found that no, it’s not just me. It seems to be a common feeling among those who get his Hugs.

So what is it that engenders this feeling? I think it boils down to one thing—he means them. He doesn’t just Hug to hug. It is a true desire to connect with others and express care. I believe that genuineness (is that a word??) can literally be felt. I’ve been thinking about other people I get Hugs from. Big Hugs from children are generally one of my favorite things. Because they are sincere. They don’t have an ulterior motive. They don’t have an agenda. They Hug because they are glad to see you and like you. I have a friend who doesn’t like people touching her. But when she DOES give you a Hug, it’s a really nice one, in part because you know that she means it, and she gives it her all.

I’ve been told that my Hugs are very comforting. Perhaps because I’m squishy. Perhaps because I’m a fan of giving them. Or, perhaps it’s because I believe in The Power of The Hug. It’s a new theory I’m refining that takes us back to the comfort of childhood. Where anything in the world that was wrong could be helped by the comfort of our Mom folding us into her arms. It was a time where Dad could pick you up and completely envelop you with his strength and you knew that you were safe and loved. Most adults lose that contact with their parents to some degree—if not completely. Personally, still a fan of Hugging my parents, but now-a-days I’m taller than Mom and Dad’s arms don’t quite envelop like they did when I was 6.

Still, I think we all have a need to feel that sense of comfort that only a Hug can provide. It’s a wonderful, warm feeling that can bring you up when you’re down and make a good day GREAT. Best part is it’s free to give or receive. What more can you want?

So to my cousin I say THANK YOU for being you. I hope I can bring to others the same caring contact you seem to always bring to me.

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