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A collection of poetry about overcoming adversity in life.

Dance with You


I want to dance with you

while Smokey sings

I want to know how to fly

on eagle's wings

I want the tears in your heart

to evaporate with speed

I want to be what you desire

fulfill all your needs...

What if you suddenly had to reinvent yourself? If everything you thought was your life wasn’t and you needed to figure out just who you really were? What would you do if your tradition-filled life fell apart and you found yourself entering the dating world for the first time as an adult?

Liv Jaudon always believed it takes true commitment of two people to make a marriage work. What she didn’t know is that three people can make one interesting. She found herself in a world she knew nothing about and faced with a proposition that intrigued and frightened her at the same time.

Could she change from the proper young lady who always did what was expected of her to one who decided maybe traditional wasn’t what she was? What if you decided the rules didn’t matter and you were ready to take a chance with your life? After all, if you’re not taking chances, what’s the point?

L.D.'s first collection of poetry features a journey through love, loss and triumph of the heart.  


You looked at me, I looked at you

A voice inside whispered too good to be true

But I shushed that voice, shook my head, took no heed

Took your hand, Felt a spark, chose to follow where you’d lead

You tell me I’m sexy, beautiful, fun

I try to suppress wondering if you’re the one


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