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July 28, 2020

Is anyone else tired of that phrase? 

First, an acknowledgement of the fact that it has been 9 months since I last posted here.  It would be nice if it were for a reason like having a baby (ha ha ha ha) but, no, it is purely trying to adapt to a new normal.  With the loss of my mother last August, I have been adapting to a new normal even without gl...

October 24, 2019

I’m feeling reflective today about Whys. 

Why did you do that?

Why did you say that?

Why did you help so-and-so?

Why didn’t you leave that situation?

Why, why, why?

Here’s the reason…in the last couple of months, I’ve been thrust into the role of “Bad Guy” by quite a large (to me) number of people in my life – directly and tangentially.

I have, quite lite...

October 22, 2019

This morning I didn’t make my bed.

That may not seem like a big deal, and it isn’t, yet it is.

In 2014, Admiral William H. McRaven made a commencement address at the University of Texas at Austin, that carried a message I try to share with everyone I know:

“If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed.”

Why does that matter?  According...

September 22, 2019

On Tuesday, August 13, 2019 I lost my mom.

Now the dysfunctionally dark humorous side of my brain instantly went “Think back – where was the last place you left her…”


OK, dark humor has been my primary method of coping with this huge loss, and it is huge.

My mother was a ginormous pain in my ass.  She was also my closest confidante.  She kn...

February 27, 2019

Emotions are a fascinating thing.  They cause us weak humans to do all kinds of things that may or may not be completely rational or logical.  In some ways I envy Spock and the other Vulcans from Star Trek in that they have evolved beyond allowing their emotions to rule them.  Then again, emotions can lead to some of life’s greatest joys, and not h...

April 25, 2018

This morning as I was perusing my FaceBook timeline, I came across a friend who posted a selfie and amongst her commentary was that she gave “absolutely no fux” because she completely embraces everything about herself. 

My first gut reaction was complete jealousy.

On occasion, I will let the phrase “I give zero fucks” come out of my mouth.  Usually i...

January 16, 2018

I was having a conversation with a friend about crazy significant others, and how quickly we tend to show those other sides to people we get involved with...or how well we hide them.

The result of the conversation was this short list of What You Said vs What I heard - these are just the jokes people...laugh with me!

“My mother likes you already.”


November 13, 2017

There are 6,000,000 memes and platitudes that exist about letting go of anger, allowing God to handle those who have wronged you, or my favorite:

When something has been said to death like those phrases, they can lose their meaning, which is when you have to dig deep and try to really digest why they’re so popular.

Talking (still) about my recent bre...

November 8, 2017

A year ago I began talking about my next book of poetry.  Aaaaand then silence.

I can list out all the reasons why, most of which are centered around the relationship I was in and getting caught up in a new business venture that made my focus on my life-long craft something that I let go – which SHOULD have been a clear red flag, but I’m a slow lear...

October 29, 2017

Have you ever heard the expression “Your perspective, your reality”?  It’s long been one of my favorites.  If not, the basic premise is that we all experience life through the lens of our lives.  It colors how we interpret the things that occur around us.

For example, two people witness a dog being berated by its “owner”.  If one of those...

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