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Poetry in Progress

I Fell In Love With Love Today...

I fell in Love with Love today –

in Love with the long drawn out lines,

with the shivers it sent down my spine.

In Love with its lips,

its fingers pressed in my hips,

loving the way it makes me sigh,

Love its movement up my thighs

to reach my center and touch my soul,

making me writhe, making me roll

around in a state of ecstasy,

loving the mystery of what it will do to me.


I fell in Love with Love today –

in Love with a perception,

in Love with the deception,

in Love with the lie....


I Woke Up This Morning Wanting You...


I woke up this morning wanting you

the smooth feel of your back under my fingers

the salty taste of your chest on my lips

the power in your arms surrounding me

as my skin is first touched by the sun


I woke up this morning wanting you

looked for your eyes but your sleep lingers

as I craved to wrap my legs around your hips

thought for a moment I should let you be

but my desire for you is on the run



Not to be feared, to be embraced,

to be revered, to be chased.

New chance.

New choice.

New dance.

New voice.

Don't fear the shift;

feel free to rearrange.

It's ok to drift;

appreciate the change!

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