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Turn, Turn, Turn

A Facebook post caught my eye a few minutes ago. It was from a pastor I follow, and was referencing Ecclesiastes 3, referencing a time for everything.

Being the partial heathen I am, I'll admit I never realized before this moment that The Byrds' song Turn! Turn! Turn! was based in the bible. But hey, now I know - or as they say these days, "I was today years old when I learned..."

I began playing the song and started to truly listen to the words. I know them by heart, but I'm not so sure I'd ever truly digested them.

As vaguely referenced in my last post, I'm going through some things that are challenging my hold on my depression demons. I'm facing huge changes, great losses, and an unknown/uncertain future. And it sucks. We all go through these periods of time where we have more questions than answers, and that's where I'm currently existing.

BUT the song/bible verse has made me pause this evening.

The pastor I was reading a post from (below) added this "Too often, we fail to understand that we are in a season right now, and God has a purpose for this time in our life. If we don't recognize the season we're in, we're bound to miss the purpose it is meant to serve as well as miss how it should be preparing us for our next season."

The thing about change and life's seasons is that they're not all pleasant. Sometimes they're downright horrific. But the key thing to remember about them is that they are seasons. They are not forever. These are the times that shape who we truly become - and the truth is we never stop becoming something different. Living is about constantly refining, redefining, or reinventing who you are. The person you are today is likely very different from who you were a year ago.

We don't have control over every circumstance that brings change to our lives. What we DO have control over is how we react to it. Do you let yourself be knocked out and give up? I hope not.

Through great challenge we are presented with great opportunity. Realizing that there truly is a time for everything, and summoning the strength and courage to make our way through the rough is how we grow. It's how we turn, turn, turn.

Diamonds are formed through great pressure. It will be your time to shine soon enough!


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