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You know what I love most about life? The fact that so long as you are living, nothing is set in stone.

You know what I hate most about life? The fact that so long as you are living, nothing is set in stone.

It’s the ultimate double-edged sword. Nothing is certain. Nothing is guaranteed. That’s the down side.

But the upside is the fact that you can always change who and what you are. Change your circumstances. Change your attitude. Change your LIFE.

I know, I talk about change a lot…I think it’s because life IS change, and once again it’s time for me to change.

Those closest to me already know this, and those who aren’t so close but follow my personal social media accounts have probably figured out that my relationship of the last almost 2 years has come to an end.

Not going to get into the how/why, because it’s irrelevant for the purposes of this post…and frankly I’m learning (carefully) that it’s ok for me to not be a 100% open book on every single thing in my life…although this particular tale MAY wind up being inspiration for my next book, so stay tuned – after all Faction (part fact, part fiction) is my favorite genre to write in.

Wow, I get off topic easily…what was I talking about? Right – change…starting over…a do-over.

I’ve spend the last couple of weeks in pain and despair because I didn’t want this change. I didn’t want to start again. I didn’t want to feel the loss, and there is A LOT of it associated with this one.

But the forces of the universe don’t really care about what we WANT – they focus on what we NEED.

And apparently, I NEED a do-over.

So today I find myself at a point of “Now what?” and the answer is…I have no idea.

And that is okay.

We put so much pressure on ourselves to have the answers, to have a plan, to know where our lives are headed and what we are going to do next.


Life is about living. It’s about loving. It’s about laughing. It’s about losing. It’s about dusting yourself off and doing it all over again.

So today I got up, straightened my tiara, and began again.

I am going to give myself room to grieve, and permission to move on. I will believe in the strength that I have inside, even in those moments when I’m not positive it’s there. I will lean on those around me who have offered support, but also strive to remember that I have two perfectly good feet to stand on. I will accept my role in the losses, but not blame myself for the things I was not responsible for. And most importantly, I will keep moving forward.

Do-overs are not always what we want to have, but they are always an opportunity to become more than we were before.

So ask what do you want to become today? Then look at your do-over as the chance to start becoming just that.

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